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About Us

Our Mission

Here at TalkDiplomacy, we write articles about topics and events related to history, politics, and international relations with the intention of broadening people's understanding of our world and help connect the past to the present to create a better future.


Ishaan Busireddy

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, & Writer

​Hello! My name is Ishaan Busireddy. I am from Maryland, U.S. I am interested in History, International Relations, and World Cultures. I am particularly interested in how historical events continue to affect international relations. I believe that understanding historical events is key to understanding modern conflicts/disputes and the nuances of international relations. This belief is what motivated me to initiate TalkDiplomacy.

Sofia Gevorgian

Editor & Writer

Hello! My name is Sofia Gevorgian, and I am from California, studying political science at UCLA to better understand foreign relations and means to stability.  Between my studies, I enjoy reading about the Caucasus, playing the piano, and editing videos.  In joining TalkDiplomacy, I look to bring attention to conflicts and ethnic strife not often addressed.


Jacob Houston


Hello! My name is Jacob Houston and I am from the United States of America. My interests include foreign policy, current events, and history. I believe that my interests will be paramount in the continuation of human development and perspective without taking a biased stance on issues.

Ryan Campbell


Hello! My name is Ryan, and I am from Maryland in the United States. I’m passionate about international relations and foreign policy; I eventually hope to pursue a career in this field. I alsowrite as a hobby and enjoy reading about current events. So, I am combining many of my interests in the hopes that I can help inform others about global issues.

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Sreya Chadalavada


Hello! My name is Sreya Chadalavada. I was born and raised in California, and am currently pursuing a major in International Studies and minor in Justice at American University in Washington D.C. I am passionate about advocacy and social change and plan on pursuing this passion by going to law school. I am a huge proponent of intersectional advocacy and hope to one day use my degree to fight for the voiceless.

Shivani Yadav


My name is Shivani, and I am from India. I am a biotechnology graduate currently pursuing a masters degree in the same field. International Relations is my hobby, and I have been writing about this field for about 3 years now.


Sarah Fefer


Hello! My name is Sarah Fefer, I am half Turkish and half Israeli and currently live in London. My multicultural experience has made me appreciate both the vital importance of community (both local and geopolitical) and the gravity of successful diplomacy, to attain a peaceful world. It is this personal experience that is the bedrock of my interest in writing about current events and whilst ensuring I provide a multi-faceted perspective.

Ethan Wilkes


Hello! My name is Ethan Wilkes. I am from Texas, U.S. I am interested in international relations, political science, current events, and economics. I believe that understanding how the world functions is a critical part of anyone's knowledge base. This, combined with a passion for learning is what leads to me write for TalkDiplomacy.


Matthew Meaney


Hello!  My name is Matthew Meaney.  I am from New York, U.S.A.  I am very interested in history, with a particular interest in events that do not receive a lot of attention.  I enjoy writing and learning about the past and current events, and I also hope that I can educate people about topics that they might not know about.

Adena Bahati


Hi! My name is Adena Bahati! I am from South Africa, and I have always had a strong interest in learning about different cultures and sharing my culture with others. In working with TalkDiplomacy, I hope to exhibit African culture in a bright light and show the world my culture!


Anna Martines


Hi! My name is Anna Martines and I'm from Brazil. I really love history, sociology and philosophy, specially to see how they are connected to the society we live on nowadays. Understanding the past is the key to understand how our world works, in not only a local, but a global scale.

Fernanda Rebelo Pinheiro


Hello! My name is Fernanda Rebelo Pinheiro, I am a young Brazilian girl who enjoys history and diplomacy and desires to pursue a major in International Relations, given that it is one of my passions. I am glad to join TalkDiplomacy and I hope that my articles can contribute to a better world perspective.


Ray Min


Howdy people! My name is Ray Min, and I am a Floridian that is currently living in California. My Burmese background and enjoyment of international relations and economics has shaped me to be more understanding of the world around me. I am proud to write for TalkDiplomacy to share and learn knowledge about the expanding complexity of politics. 

Ava Jakominich


Hello! My name is Ava Jakominich and I am from Virginia, U.S. I am interested in international relations and diplomacy and especially enjoy learning about how history informs current policies and events. I hope that through writing for TalkDiplomacy, I will widen my global perspective and help others achieve the same. 


Sahej Verma


Hi. I am Sahej Verma from New Delhi, India who harbors a keen interest in history, international relations and geopolitics. I am equally passionate about economics, which I am currently studying at the University of Delhi. My nuances stem from my voracious love for reading which I feel is predominant as I attempt to make people into more aware individuals of the society.

Sam Leslie


Hello! My name is Sam and I live in Minneapolis. I am interested in history and its application to international relations. Specifically, I am passionate about writing and researching African history, cross-cultural exchange, and Labor history. In the future, I hope my stories will enlighten people's perceptions of the world. 


Aqsa Ajaz


My name is Aqsa Ajaz and I'm a final-year student of Government and Public policy at NUST university Islamabad. I have been a freelance writer for over 3 years now. My key areas include history, politics, the economy, and current affairs. 

Pruthvi Guduru


Hello! My name is Pruthvi Guduru, and I am from the United States of America. I have an interest in the sciences and mathematics. With my articles, I hope to share more knowledge about the world and the universe, as more knowledge allows every single one of us to make better decisions and to help others. From the rotations of the Earth to the inner workings of animal and plant-like cells, science and math play a big role in the what, why, and how of these phenomenons.


Zarnab Shaheen


My name is Zarnab Shaheen. I was born and raised in Multan, Pakistan. I am currently a final year undergraduate student at NUST, Pakistan, pursuing Government and Public Policy. My research interests include International Relations and International Political Economy. 

Laiba Aamir


Hello! my name is Laiba Aamir and I was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am doing my Bachelor's in Public Administration from NUST. I am an aspiring journalist who is very opinionated about the shifting world order and love to express through writing.


Daniela Araujo


Hello! My name is Daniela Araújo and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a polyglot and international relations enthusiast, I believe that understanding the impacts of global affairs in our society in a crucial step towards a better world.

Natalie Petit


Hello! My name is Natalie Petit. I’m from the United States but currently live in Berlin, Germany as I pursue a Master’s degree in international relations and public policy. My transatlantic experience has provided me with diverse perspectives on historical and current events, and I hope to offer creative, open-minded viewpoints on global issues through my articles.


Evan Yao


​​Hi! My name is Evan Yao and I'm from New Jersey, USA, and have also lived in Hong Kong. I am interested in politics, international relations, and modern events. With TalkDiplomacy, I hope to use my global perspective to write articles that create discourse on global issues.

Ananth Thomas


My name is Ananth Thomas. I am from the United States. I am a rising high school senior and I play varsity golf and swimming. In my free time I like going out with friends and playing golf. 


Hafiz Mohsin Nadeem


Hello, I'm Hafiz Mohsin Nadeem, and I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I am an undergraduate in the International Relations Program at DHA Suffa University, Karachi. I find my interests in international relations, particularly geopolitics, geography, and foreign policy, and I've been published multiple times with my opinions and articles. My interest in writing compelled me to join "Talk Diplomacy," and I hope I will provide quality-researched content for society.

Rajyavishek Pradhan


Hello! My name is Rajyavishek Pradhan and I am from India. I pursued my Masters in Political Science with specialization in International Relations from The University of North Bengal. I take deep interest in international affairs and global issues. I have been writing articles and commentaries for International Relations Magazines and Think Tanks. My area of interest includes American Foreign Policy, Indo-China Relations and International Organizations. Talk Diplomacy gives me the platform to showcase my analytical writing skills. 


Ryan Beveridge


Hello all! My name is Ryan, and I live just outside Baltimore, Maryland. I am fascinated with economics, philosophy, all history, and good music. I believe research is not a platform to expose the ultimate truth, but to bring more ideas to the discussion table; the best research can be broken into two principles: dig deep and present with a distinct style and voice.

Brandon Lauren


Hey there! My name is Brandon Lauren and I hail from North Carolina, US. As an avid traveler, one of my greatest interests is learning more about lesser-known areas of global contention and how they either directly or indirectly impact the economies, traditions, or daily lives of the local communities already established in the region. As a part of the TalkDiplomacy team, I hope to publish more articles in the future that bring awareness to such powerful yet overshadowed stories. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, tennis, or watching a sunset while recreationally fishing off Ogden Point. 


Emma Naz Hasoz


Hi! I'm Emma-Naz. Being half Turkish half Finnish but growing up and studying internationally, I've been able to first hand witness foreign relations. I'm interested in economics, politics and international relations, and am looking forward to contributing to the TalkDiplomacy team. 

Areg Asatryan


Hi! My name is Areg Asatryan and I live in London, studying International Management at KCL. I am originally from Armenia, and it is my multicultural background that has led to my vested interest in Diplomacy. Between my studies, I enjoy reading about Development Economics, Armenian and Ottoman history, and playing Football. I hope to bring an alternative perspective to TalkDiplomacy which differs from the Western Narratives often enacted in the educational curriculum. 




Hello! My name is Takumi and studying liberal arts in Japan. I have lived in France, the UK, and Israel. I am interested in Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Owen Huang


Hello! I’m Owen Huang. I’m from Los Angeles, California in the U.S., and I’m deeply interested in learning about and discussing international relations, history, and cultures. I became involved in TalkDiplomacy after getting to know several of its main contributors, so I am a strong believer in the power of platforms like TalkDiplomacy to connect people around the world.


Tolga Karabulut


Hello! I'm Tolga Karabulut from Turkey. I'm interested in behavorial economics, politics and international relations. I believe writing is the best way to express ideas and share the knowledge. In TalkDiplomacy, I hope my articles can give people new perspectives and motivates them to raise their voices on necessary issues and build a better world.

Lukas Kantor


Lukas Kantor is an independent researcher. He graduated from International Relations and Political Science at Charles University in Prague. He specializes on the Bilderberg Group and transnational capitalist class. His academic articles appeared in, e.g., International Politics and Critique. 

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