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Australia, UK, US (AUKUS)

Shivani Yadav

In 2021, it is clear that Quad will remain a economical alliance which along with SCRI (Supply Chain Resilience Initiative) can contain China economically while the AUKUS can do the military part. This means Russia’s vision of Greater Eurasia and India’s vision of Free Indo-Pacific won’t clash. AUKUS is therefore a good news for Indo-Russia relations.

So how will US contain through AUKUS?(Australia, UK and US)

America will arm Australia with 8 nuclear powered submarines in South China Sea. Although, AUKUS has already made a new international dispute, the France v/s US. This technology transfer of nuclear powered submarines to Australia was a French undertaking and the deal was signed in 2016, France lost strategically as well as economically. French was supposed to be the part of the AUKUS, going by the logic of AUKUS creation i.e. to counter China, but if France was involved, US couldn’t have capitalized on South China Sea’s unrest (one man’s meat is another man’s poison), but this has created a big row. Big enough for France to call back its diplomats from US and Australia. This AUKUS vs France row happened when France is on the way of leading Europe replacing Germany, but this deal may make things difficult for France.


India and Russia are now set to improve their ties, which went to a little low in 2020 due to Quad grouping Although, AUKUS will be the reason for French-Australia relations to take a nose dive. It can also be seen when France didn't attend the meeting that was to be a trilateral meeting between India-Australia-France in New York. But AUKUS will definitely make Australia a Pacific superpower and capable enough to handle the Chinese influence over the Pacific nations. Being militarily strong will increase the credibility of Australia in the region and pacific nations will start considering Australia as a respite to Chinese presence in Pacific.


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